You work hard to make your dream a reality. Maybe you’re planning your dream, mountain top wedding. Maybe you’re expecting your first baby. Maybe you just have always wanted a photo of you and children but you’re always the one taking the photos. I will capture those beautiful moments for you.

You can call at 11pm the day before a wedding or send a quick text. I am available by phone, text or email and will get back to you the same day – you always get me, TARA.

I love getting to know all the brides & grooms, mothers’ bellies & babies, and families every week!

Meet Tara…

I work hard and pride myself on being an excellent people person (which helps when I’m photographing 200 people on your wedding day!) My husband and I have three beautiful daughters, Vivian, Lola and Etta, whose pictures you will see smattered about the website – I can’t help myself!

I have been a professional photographer on the New England seacoast since 2000. I am always available by phone or email. If you love my photos, you will love the photos I provide you as well.