You work hard to make your dreams a reality, I work hard to document them for you to remember forever!

Maybe you’re planning your mountain top wedding, expecting your first baby, or maybe you have always wanted a photo of you and children but you’re always the one taking the photos. I will capture those beautiful moments for you! I love to capture for you all of my favorite things in life: details – like the pin from nana that you fasten to your bouquet, a gentle touch on the small of your back from your new husband, drooly hugs from your squishy baby, finger dimples (that’s what I call them!), laughing with your children…I carefully document all the little things that make life beautiful, and the big gestures too.

Then I come home and smile like a fool at the screen while I edit all your images with great care (literally I have caught myself full-on grinning at my screen!). All your images are displayed on a private gallery for you to view and share. At this time in my life I do not do in-person sales, but I offer everything from save-the-dates to canvas galleries to framed prints. You dream it up and I make it happen!

I am available by phone, text, or email and will get back to you within 24 hours and you always get me, TARA.

Meet “T” (that’s what my friends and family call me, you can too!)…

I pride myself on being an excellent people person (which helps when I’m photographing 200 people on your wedding day or I’m coercing your reluctant 18 month old to kiss his new baby sister!)

I work hard on my craft in order to deliver excellent imagery; every year I commit to completing at least one photography course.

My husband and I have three daughters, Vivian, Lola and Etta, whose pictures you will see smattered about the website – I can’t help myself! We also have two little dogs, one of them has had a Smuttynose beer named after her, CHUPA!

I have been a professional photographer on the New England seacoast since 2000, full-time since 2008 and I still LOVE my job!